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[This article was written by Bart and originally appeared in the Nobleman Magazine.]
1. Nero d’Avola (Sicily)
Looking for a nice Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage or Syrah alterative?  Consider a Nero d’Avola from Sicily.  The largest of Italy’s regions has the largest area under vines.  Nero’s hometown, Avola DOC, is found in the extreme south-east ...

Feb 11

Last month, I wrote about the Top Ways to Build Wealth in Your 50s. This month, let’s talk about wealth building in your 40s. Dare I say that in your 40s, you’re hitting your mid-life stride?  40-somethings are kind of walking a tightrope with their wealth – maximizing earnings, minimizing debts, and prioritizing needs ...

Jan 05

When you reach 50, retirement is starting to seem within reach. But, you still have at least 10 to 15 years of work left, which is a good amount of time to positively impact your burgeoning retirement account. So, in your 50s, consider it a great time to assess where you’re at with your ...

Dec 07

One of the most frequent wine questions I get this time of year is “What wine should I serve for Thanksgiving dinner?” It’s tough for people to choose a wine for Thanksgiving for a couple of reasons. One, people have different tastes in wine, so it’s hard to please everyone. Two, there are lots ...

Nov 21

Our culture is gadget crazy these days; like any other industry, the wine industry has a plethora of gadgets for your every need. You don’t need all of them though, so I’ve culled through and listed the ones worth buying right now:

The Kuvée

The Kuvée is a connected, “smart” wine bottle. ...

Oct 17

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